KRONE BIG-L500 Pro v1.0.0.1


Hello friends !(Sorry Google translation) Slightly corrected the mod.
- Changed the color (Edited by Eagle355th, AlERK)

- Added sounds, cab insulation.

- Improved suspension (no longer dancing at full load)

- Fixed the unloading point

- Added a traffic trigger (for the courseplay !!! The grass does not mow !!! Only the transfer from point A to point B)

- redone lighting equipment

- rear tow hitch added
Body volume: 50000 liters

Top speed: 47 km / h

Operating speed: 24 km / h

all wheel drive

Dirt / washable

Dust from the wheels

No Errors in log!
Price: 158000

Daily Upkeep: 175

AlERK Modification (FS13:edited by usxi7sd, converted to FS17 by Winston9587)


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