Coldborough Park Farm Map - Ultimate Edition v1.1

Coldborough Park Farm Map - Ultimate Edition map mod download for Farming Simulator 15.
Version: v 1.1.

Changelog v1.1:
- Added Harvestoun Tavern Brewery (new sell point for your Barley)
- New buildings added to Coldborough Farm
- Many new dirt tracks
- Added bale destroy trigger to cow field
- Large new forest area with hundreds of new hand placed cuttable trees
- New level of detail at lumber yard
- New seed and fertiliser triggers added
- Hundreds of new hand placed objects for more detail
- Added Damage and Repairs mod (optional - simply include the mod in your mods folder to work)
- Expaned size of some original fields
- Adjustment of grass and cut grass textures
- Added Hard Point Extension mod (optional - simply include the mod in your mods folder to work)
- Adjusted some animation items to fix clipping issues
- Fixed some warnings and errors present in v1.1
- New silage clamps at Yatton Ridge Farm
- New starting vehicles
- New buildings added to, and layout adjustment of, Yatton Ridge Farm
- New sheds added to Chantry Farm and slight adjustment to some existing buildings
- Added new lime pile to allowing remote filling of fertiliser spreaders
- Added petrol station with fuel trigger and egg sell point
- Seven new fields available to purchase
- Many new buildings added all over map
- Removed gulle mist mod to fix soil management conflict

VGA PDA SchweineMast
Water/Milk Trailer
Terrain & Dirt Control

Original map:BulletBill83Ultimate Edition modParanoid-AndroidMap Scripts:Marhu (Watermod, Pig & Beef)Petorious (MultiAngleTerrain and hire mode revert)webalizer (Chopped Straw)Xentro (AnimationMapTrigger / Manual Opening Gates)Decker_MMIV (Soil Management & Growth Control)Igor29381, S.W.I.K. Modding team, Decker_MMIV (Terrain & Dirt Control)Xentro, Vertex Dezign (HardPoint Extension)rafftnix, Blacky_BPG, Marhu (Damage and Repairs)Map Objects:GiantsNI ModdingSEAN6920SChris 7710PetoriousSandgroperLord WilliamsleicestershireFarmerNick98.1FaitanFMC Moddingm4pj3ctsFarmer AndyRC-devilG-ModdingItisntworkingSrsmdsTater saladJepsenMappers ParadiseOxygenDavidK&K Modding TeamLuculusBenedictTMAlex2009ChtisebMfg Bernaschtvon kyokoyama777CHRIS1988KolbenfresserLuculusmarhuDecker_MMIVTHomasSirJoki80DorsetWBFchris7710petoriousNI ModdingLJW moddingfatianjavieroo7juanathanlsm moddingchriss 1988kolbenfresserzefirmafia73csmcjauchebpaulekazuracreative moddingimschonenwildcottcoufyvanillaice87Larsen moddingwebalizersandgroperlancyboiSomethingonmyshoe2vortex designsblobbyfarmerDzikiDzikrobbieJendrekrafftnixBlacky_BPGFrenchyModdingjanlandbyGoldFoxIf you find that there are objects on this map that I have not credited you for, please drop me a PM and I will add you as I have not purposely left you off the list. :-)Map Sounds:NeurotekHelp, inspiration and advice:BulletBill83MarxtaiIan898OxygenDavidMichaelbjerg21978robbie


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