Ford F-450 SUEPERDUTY v1.0


Hello one more time farmers

Here I present a new modification Ford F-450 SUEPERDUTY autoload

Is not 100% complete but fully functional XD

The interior is not nice yet

hp 500

max speed 132

2 types of desing

3 types of tires to choose

Has lights

Has a footprint on the wheels

Has fastening bands

and more

Wait for more updates for this mods

I always have many hours of work, have fun

If they find some error leave it in the comments.




  • Ramjocky (Guest)

    2021-01-30 00:51:35

    <a href=>Restoration of the bath surface in Orekhovo-Zuyevo</a>

  • StNeusa (Guest)

    2021-03-03 15:38:37

    <a href=>Ekaterinburg renovation of bathrooms</a>

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