FS17 Halls Pack with doors v1.0

Two nice dutch-styled sheds to store your equipment in.

You can place the sheds with GE

I am not going to make a placeable version, since using GE is a much better way to place the sheds in your map.

You may upload it on another site but use the original download link

Feel free to use this in your map, but make sure to mention Dutch Agricultural Modelling in the credits!

Have fun!

Dutch Agricultural Modellingdoors Niggelsdoors added / script added Mike / Mike-Modding.nl



  • guest2 (Guest)

    2016-12-31 18:28:20

    I'm a newbie.....what is GE and how can I get/use this for map placing objects etc? Thanks in advance.

  • ghost_7075 (Guest)

    2017-01-02 19:01:20

    you go in the shop an click the placeables there is where you will find them after you put in the mod

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