Watts Farm v1.5

Version 1.5
Fixed all the errors remaining in the map log is clean now.
Fixed the grass in some places
Fixed some terrain in areas hopefully fixes some graphic glitches
Added a bit more of decoration.
Adjusted some other minor things
Added Marhu Sawmill .
Removed Mixing Station due to errors
Notes: You can sell the wood pallets from Marhus sawmill at the woodchip sell point beside the woodmill. Just drop the pallet inside the marker and it will sell.

This version will require a new savegame due to the terrain fixes i had to make.

FSM Chef for his objects he allowed me to use from his Auenbach map greatly appreciated.Giants for the gameThere is a few other objects i used from modhoster i will get those names and update this next map update but to those guys thank you very much.Would liek to thank Species7 for the review of the map thanks budTonic for helping do a few quick map tests.And a bog thank you to all of you who download my map to play Happy Farming.



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