Gorzkowa 2k17 v1.0


Please unpack first!
Welcome to the Gorzkowa V1,
Everyone who knows my "Dreistern Hof" Map should notice similarities immediately. Yes, that is also true. This map was my first one I converted to the LS17. Out of this is the "Dreistern Hof" entatanden. Now I have the "old" Map again for me after my latest knowledge revised. Actually, the map was only for me private and a par friends provided. Since the map arrived very well, I decided to share this map with you. Almost as a small "bonus map" to my other maps.
Gorzkowa V1 differs fundamentally from the Dreistern Hof Map in terms of buildings, points of sale and landscape.
The map corresponds to 100% of my preferences to play the LS, which is also the reason to deal with the build of maps.

The map is again designed for players who are looking for a simple farm management, an atmospheric charge and relaxation in the game.
If you want to rake in millions quickly and work with the biggest machines, please do not download the map, you will be disappointed otherwise,
because the motto on the map is - "Always with peace the farmer goes into the shoes".

The following I have installed on the map:
2 yards
3 outlets (Agora, Riela, Mill)
14 fields (3 owned)
3 meadows
Soy milk production
Dairy farm with corresponding triggers
Seasons ready
Space for placeable mods on the farm
Wood and woodchip sales at Riela
all animals (standard)
muck out the cows and pigs in the stable

Required mods:
Kotte universal pack

choppedStraw, stopMilkSale, Seasons Mod

Special thanks go back to wee5t and his WestCoast team, Manu09 and all users from the Discord wee5t for the great support in the implementation of this project. Thanks, people !
Now have fun on the map
PS: "Do not hit the hand that is handed to you". Most modders do not do this professionally but just want to beautify your game. The fact that not every taste can be met is probably clear. Please have RESPECT before every mod, thanks!

Idee / Konzept: ritchif, Tommi_1Tester: Manu09, Team wee5t CoastSonstige: Tommi-1 von TLS Modding für die Map Gorzkowa V1 LS13 als Grundlage (danke für die Freigabe),Chefkoch für die schönen HofgebäudeTuneWar für das Gebäude am MilchhofM7farmer, Dorset, Fendtfan1, n0tr3adY, VBM Modding, tOxicOm, möchtegernbauer, NKB-Modding, Goldfox,desoerado93, Locke, Niggels, Redkeinstis und ElCid.Sollte noch jemand Objekte von sich auf der Map erkennen, dann wird das in den Credits umgehend nachgetragen sowie ich von dem entsprechenden Modder/Mapper oder Scripter eine Info darüber erhalten habe!


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