Drive Control v 4.00

The driveControl-Mod now also extends the LS17 modular with many small functions such as a turn-key configuration and extended functions for the CruiseControl. The Mod consists of modules, which can be individually switched on and off.

In V4.0, the following modules are included in the driveControl in time for the release:
· ShowNearestFillLevel: Level indicator for the neighboring vehicle
· SoftGas: Improved throttle / brake for keyboard driver
· Shuttle: shuttle module (reversing circuit)
· CruiseControl: Advanced functions for the cruise control
· FourWDandDifferentials: 4-wheel and differential gear
· ImplementControl: Additional operating options for attaching devices (no device interconnection necessary!)
· PipeCam: additional camera for supercharger / thresher / shredder

Modell: -Textur: -Script: upsidedownIdee / Konzept: upsidedownTester: -Sonstige: artwork Eribus



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