Papenburg Map v1.0


Papenburg Map V1

"What will'd be long finally good"

After about two months to convert handicrafts can
I finally have the long awaited by many Papenburg Map available .
Much changed Compared to Ls 15
The farm has been completely redesigned and rebuilt.
Beautiful landscaping
and all new features from Ls 17 were considered.

Brief overview of the features:

- 46 fields 1-17 hectare.
- Large farm with dairy cattle, sheep and pig incl BGA.und Several storage facilities + large hall for bulk
- grain storage, seed and fertilizer hall. Seed and fertilizer can be purchased directly
- Mediators Grosser Lohner Hof.
- 6 Freilandsiloplätze in different sizes.
- increases Maximum height of aterials to 6m.
- Multi Angle terrain (C128 / 5 degrees).
- Various outbuildings of Raiffeisen to the port.
- cattle trade.
- Sawmill.
- space for placeable manure storage
- Chopped Straw

Known Bugs:
-A few log entries object who I unfortunately not kann.Die rückkoppeln no negative impact for the match to onCreate (wrong save id).
"Error: Adding onCreate loaded object with invalid saveId"

- it can happen that a shader error but aufpopt which you can safely ignore

ignore -The following error message
Warning: Invalid mixerWagonFillType 'grass_windrow' in 'C: /.../.../ Games / FarmingSimulator2017 / mods / SilokingSelflineBig / siloKingSelfLineCompact1612big.xml

Very important:
There is a special mod in which your the opportunity
have CCM and silage herzustellen.Diese then be at
CCM (pigs) feed silage (cattle and sheep).
Animationmaptrigger for the gates is also included.
And a diet mixer something up braids fassungsverögen
for Grasilage.Auf 16m3

Furthermore are old native fillplane textures for Gehäckslten corn, silage and silage film at
Please see the game hauptverzichnis Under
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Farming Simulator 2017 \ data \ fillPlanes
replace and override. Makes you before a backup

Recommended and Required Mods
Stade Maismühle
manure storage

Chopped Straw
Bank of Hagenstedt
Could you recommend a hundred other but that you have to decide by yourselves.

Please Note:
If you want to put the map on your webside? Please ask me for permission !!! You will get it, but ask please !!!!
Please respect my work and use the original DL link and keep it !!!!
You want the map on your
link website? Please, please ask me first for permission.
You can get them, but ask me in advance !!!!
Please Respect my work and Uses the original DL link!

Modell: Jimkerk/ GiantsTextur: Jimkerk / GiantsScript: Jimkerk / GiantsIdee / Konzept: JimkerkTester: Hennig Mahler, Lars Kummler , Sascha Räck , Jan Aden, Florian Seifert, Christian Engelhard, Christian Wolters , Andre Frercks , Tobias JägerSonstige: Etliche modelle von verscheiden Moddern Danke dafürSpezial Thanks to Jan Aden Epicafrming and Elky




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